Treatment for drug-resistant high blood pressure?

Too many options. If you have resistant blood pressure, you may need to make sure you do not have a secondary cause such as a kidney or hormonal problem. Undiagnosed sleep apnea can do also be a cause. Obesity and failure to lose wight with diet and exercise can also prevent medication from working. You may need to be on at least 4 types of drugs to lower your blood pressure. You may need to see a hypertension.
Rx 4 resist HBP. 71 M from FL asks: Treatment for drug-resistant high blood pressure? ANS: Find the cause and fix it or treat it. I specialize in this (50 years) and happy to do 2nd opinion. Most common cause is Conn's syndrome assuming you are not a salt glutton or don't take your meds or u r taking meds that increase BP. Drug of choice is to add spironolactone. But lets talk. Will get you under control in weeks.

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What are some of the non-drug treatments for High blood pressure?

The non drug treatments for High blood pressure include: Quit smoking, Lose weight, Exercise more, Low salt diet.

What treatmets do you recommend for high blood pressure?

Standard. HCTZ (hydrochlorothiazide) 25 is the standard. However, at your age it would be better to check with your doc to know for sure.
No answer. Unfortunately that is much too broad a question to provide a simple answer. At 17 we need to be sure that a person truly has high blood pressure before committing to life long treatment. It may be as simple as weight loss and control of salt but the issue needs work up before starting any therapy.
Hypertension. If the blood pressure is mildly or moderately elevated, we would start with weight reduction, salt restriction, stress reduction, caffeine limitation and recheck the blood pressure after 2 weeks. Medications, if needed to maintain a BP of around120/80, could be a diuretic, calcium channel blocker or beta blocker.
Individual. Every patient with high blood pressure should be approached individually. History, family history, diet, sleep and stressors would give clues regarding possible causes. Need more information and physical examination to be able to tailor this answer to an individual patieny.

What are treatments for high blood pressure?

Meds and lifestyle. Both medication and lifestyle modification is important. There are many different types of blood pressure medications which work in a variety of ways. This almost always guarantees being able to find a medication which works and does not cause side effects. Exercise, weight loss where indicated, and a low salt diet are also important.

Will shiatsu treatments help to reduce my high blood pressure?

Possibly. Blood pressure is definitely increased with stress & massages often help relive stress. If you smoke, quitting can reduce bp, & if you are overweight, losing even 10# can reduce bp. All of these are good ways to reduce mental & physical stress & though you may still need meds you will be healthier.

I have a high blood pressure is there a way to decrease it? I don't want to take the drug

Extreme weight loss. And complete reduction in salt intake could probably lower your blood pressure unless it is extremely high. It will be a lot more comfortable, convenient and effective to take the medications.

How to control high blood pressure without drugs?

Several ways. One, try a low sodium (salt) high potassium diet. Two, make sure your are physically active. Three, make sure your weight is reasonable. This is a good place to start.

What is the best medicine to cure a high blood pressure?

There is no cure. Blood pressure can be controlled. If you are overweight then weight loss to your ideal weight may "cure" the blood pressure problem but only if you maintain your ideal weight.
Multiple options. Cure and treat are not the same time. There are many good treatment options to control your blood pressure. Curing high blood pressure is different. Weight loss, exercise, low sodium diet, and NSAID avoidance all together can help lower blood pressure significantly and delay the need for medications sometimes for many years. Good luck.
The "best" depends. There is no one best medicine for everyone. Your doctor will consider the most likely causes based on your specific conditions. Sometimes low doses of several medications are prescribed to reduce pressure while minimizing medication side effects. The benefit of light-to-moderate exercise is very real. If you are healthy enough to exercise, but are sedentary, start walking, bicycling, or swimming.

Is there any permanent solution to cure high blood pressure?

No. This is a difficult question. Even some new procedures in the media (renal artery denervation) does not "cure" hpertension to the point where medication is not needed. Many with HTN are overwieght and weight loss and salt restriction can occasionally "cure" this problem.