Is it true that if you have phobia of anaphylaxis for food, only thing to overcome it is to eat? Even if your scared and have no food allergies?

Gradual exposure. Exposure based therapy for phobias or other anxiety disorders does not jump to the most feared thing first, but by working up a hierarchy from less feared to more feared items & continuing to experience the feared stimuli & not have the feared outcome occur, paired with relaxation training, the level of fear decreases & can be eliminated. Find a therapist experienced in exposure based treatment.
Phobias. I am not a great fan of the "bulldozer" approach to phobias. A consultation with a competent therapist would work much better.

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How do I overcome a phobia of anaphylaxis (foods)? Afraid to eat everything & losing lots of weight. What % of adults develop new food allergies?

Counselor helpful. It is prudent for a person to be concerned about experiencing a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction. Being prepared with an action plan, self-injectable epinephrine, wearing a medical bracelet, and knowing early warning signs can be reassuring. However, once the concern has progressed to phobia with weight loss, it would be helpful to see a counselor or psychologist to deal with the feelings. Read more...
You may need . Hospitalization. If you are seriously losing a lot of weight. There are some eating disorders programs around the country. The renfew program in florida and the rogers memorial hospital program in oconomowoc wisconsin come to mind. Discuss this with your psychiatrist or family doctor and your psychotherapist. It sounds like you're reaching out for more help than you are currently receiving. Best wishes and good luck. Read more...