An elderly friend recently had shingles-he took antivirals fo13 days as prescribed but still has bad pain- what's a natural pain relief regimen?

Shingles pain. This is called post herpetic neuralgia. The older the patient when they get shingles, the more likely they will get post herpetic neuralgia. The pain can be persistent and chronic. Over the counter medscape usually don't work. Zostrix (capsaicin) cream is an over the counter treatment. Prescription pain medication may be necessary, or seeing a pain specialist might be needed.
Pain is not natural. Post herpetic neuralgia can be devastatingly painful. In an old person pain can even make people think of suicide. I'm all for natural treatments, but this is one condition that needs more---at least Gabapentin (neurontin) and possibly also a very strong pain medicine. Don't let him/her suffer trying "natural" cures---i don't know of any that are strong enough.
Shingles pain. Not aware of a natural approac. Try 800mg Ibuprofen three times a day and if not helping within a week you need to ask your doctor for stronger pain meds. Shingles pain can be terrible and medical treatment can help most patients.