I have splits and cracks on my fingertips. I want to know if this could be a fungus or related to any medication I am taking (eltroxin and dexatril)?

Cracked fingers. While I am not a dermatologist, i know I have a prblem myself with cracking finger tips as well as the sides of my fingers. My dermatologist diagnosed my condition as something called dyshydrosis. My condition, when it flares up, improves quickly with an ointment called temavate. It is expensive but comes in generic. You should see your dr. To discuss this. It may be something else.
Cracks. Cracking is most often occupational or related to overexposure to water or irritants. Moisturizers are a necessity. Depending on the degree of cracks, cereve cream or aquaphor ointment is good.Cotton gloves as well can help, and avoiding water and irritants help.