I have a slight bowl incontenance problem. Can it be controlled naturally or with medication?

Maybe. Depends on cause. Can usually control formed stool better than liquid, so diet (fiber) to bulk up stool may help. Sometimes problem is due to muscle weakness in pelvis, or anus as a result of pregnancy/birth trauma. May be a candidate for pelvic floor rehab. Can at least try kegel exercises (try to "hold it in" 6 seconds at a time, 6 times in a row, several times a day). Meds help/ see your doc.
Fecal incontinence. "minor incontinence" is partial soiling of occasional loss of loose or watery stool, while "major incontinence" is loss of control of stool of normal consistency. In minor incontinence, consider deficient internal sphicter tone due to trauma, rectal prolapse, prolapsing hemorrhoids, drug effects, fecal impaction (in elderly, neurologic disorders). Anal manometry testing with biofeedback may help.
Possible. Incontinence should not be considered a benign symptoms so review this with your doctor. If you are having simple anal leakage from decreased rectal tone, bulking agents such as fiber and anti-diarrhea agents such as immodium may help.