What can be done for oesophageal spasm. Normal barium swallow...Gastroscopy showed ulcers.?

See your GI Doctor. If this is the case you should see a GI physician.
Esophageal Spasm. The treatment depends on the diagnosis. In this case ulcers may be indicative of reflux which can be treated with either medical or surgical options. However, that alone is unlikely the cause and other etiologies should be for the spasm should be excluded.

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Chronic epigastric pain. EEG = ulcers, colonoscopy = polyps (removed), ultrasound clear, barium swallow&small bowel normal. Still awful pain! What now?

Any treatment. The ulcers are usually treated with proton pump inhibitors or H2 blockers and if H pylori postive treat for H pylori and standard ulcer precautions. Read more...
Treat the Ulcers. In case you have ulcer in the stomach, it can be treated with Antacids and a short course of antibiotics. You need a Gastroenterologist who can monitor the progress and make sure that you are receiving the optimum dosage of the drugs to suppress acid in the stomach. Pain should subside if the ulcers are healing. Read more...