I am being harassed in my medical records.. ..The secret insurance ones. Is there a way to correct the info? Why is this not covered by hippaa?

Secret Med Records. I am not sure what you mean by "harassed." is there an error in the records? Are you trying to get life insurance and there is a diagnosis that is denying you coverage? If so, then go to the doctor who made the error and ask them to help. In ga we have an insurance commissioner who can help get things done. See if your state has this office. There are no "secret" records. Hope this helps.
Harassment. Simply discuss or inquire directly of the medical records personnel what your concerns are. If not satisfied, consult with a supervisor or specialist who typically deals with the particular issues you wish to address. Hopefully they can correct the information you find misrepresentative. Secret insurance records do not exist as far as i know.
Medical Records. This article will provide you with recommended steps to take in order to correct errors in medical or insurance records: http://www.idtheftcenter.org/Fact-Sheets/fs-130a.html.