A1c 4.9 low carb diet glucose test passed but get dawn phenomenon of 110 or so why?

Morning sugar. Your morning sugar can rise due to stress hormone cortisol, which could be activated by activity in dreams. Also Progesterone can cause a slight increase in sugar. Your a1c implies you are not diabetic or even prediabetic.

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A1c 4.9 while on low carb diet passed glucose tolerance test go to bed sugars at 100 or lower wake up 8 hrs later sugar 110 or so why & am I prediabet?

We're all Prediabeti. As we grow older, we all tend to become Insulin resistant to some degree or other. Consequently, our sugars tend to rise, along with our insulin. Insulin is the hormone that causes sugar to enter our cells, where the excess is stored as fat. I recommend a low carb diet to everyone, and also recommend that just about everyone over 30 will benefit from metformin (an Insulin receptor sensitizer). Read more...