What can I do for my swollen ankles.?

Depends on cause. If the swelling resolves overnight, this is most likely due to venous insufficiency. Elastic stockings are best long term remedy. Elevate legs whenever possible. If this persists or if swelling does not improve overnight, get examined by your physician for other possible causes which can be treated.
Diuretics. Swollen ankles are a common sign of vascular insufficiency or cardiac disease. If only on one side, then the circulation to that leg may be compromised. Is there pain - it could be a thrombotic episode in that case. You should start with your internist or family doc and get this sorted out as there is good therapy for this. Meanwhile, elevate your legs as much as you can.
Compression stocking. Swollen ankles may be a result of high blood pressure or varicose veins or both. Other things to consider are any tendonitis or shin splint pains. I recommend compression stockings which you can get in the pharmacy to be applied in the morning. Elevation after activities are helpful. See your primary doctor if the swelling persists.
Be careful. Depends on age and medical condition. In a healthy person the body measures salt concentration. Eating extra salt = extra water and gravity pulls it to the feet. Salt/water balance is regulated by the heart, liver and kidneys and disease of any of these organs can cause swollen ankles as first sign of an important problem.

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What can I do if my swollen ankle has been hurting for a few days, should I be worried?

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