How accurate is the first dsm psych test? Diagnosis was bi-polar & bpd? Is it accurate enough to diagnosis & start med? Other testing needed first?

DSM & psych test? The dsm is the diagnostic manual that mental health professionals use to determine a diagnosis. Psychological testing is different, & involves many different types of measures, including paper & pencil tests, tasks oriented tests, computerized tests, among others. Talk to the provider who gave you the diagnosis & ask how the diagnosis was rendered, or get a 2nd opinion.
"Reliability" of Dx. Most dsm diagnoses r made using a clinical/diagnostic interview - by talking w/ person (a) 2gather history of symptoms s/he's experiencing &(b) 2ask specific q's re: those symptoms. A doc's diagnosis may not correspond exactly (or at all) 2another's. Sometimes symptom scales r used 2lend support 2a diagnosis. An assessment by psychologist trained 2use formal psych tests can help pinpoint diagnosis.