I am 61 years old and noticed age spots on my face. What is the best approach to get rid of them. Creams? Laser? Retin-a?

Check first. Have your doctor check them out at a routine visit. Your "age spots" may be evidence of sun damage which can be pre-cancerous. Choosing a treatment before a good evaluation can lead to trouble.
Compounding pharmacy. Try to find a compounding pharmacy close to your physical location, and call them for a recommendation regards a physician who uses their pharmacy for this condition. I would suggest a consultation with that dr., as compounding pharmacists are able to purvey prescription formulations that are not available in regular pharmacies that are sometimes more effective. Your problem can be cured.
Lentigos. Most llikey you are describing lentigos. And the typical treatment is bleaching creams to lighten the spots. If this is not effective either live with the beign lesions or seek alternatives such as laser.