What can help the liver damage?

Remove insult. It is difficult to help liver damage, other than removing the insulting agent wether that be a toxin (drug or alcohol) or virus. Vit e has shown some benefit in helping damage done with fatty liver disease, however there is new concern about increasing prostate cancer risk with its use. No herbal medication has consistently proven any benefit.
Know the cause. Reducing liver damage depends on removing the insult whenever possible. If you drink alcohol, stop. If you are heavy, lose weight. If you have chronic infection (hepatitis b or c), discuss medication with your doctor. What to do depends on what caused the problem in the first place.
Multiple causes. There are many causes of liver damage. Excess alcohol use is a major cause. Hepatitis and abnormal iron storage can also be the reason. Fat storage in the liver may be a problem if it becomes extensive. Autoimmune diseaes is also a possibility. If you have abnormal liver tests or suspect a problem, you should discuss the situation with your doctor now.