What therapy is available to relieve pain where the top of the fibula is attached to tibia?

X-ray first......... You need to determine the exact cause of you pain in this area, and once that is established, your dr. Will be able to recommend which direction to take. Most likely, your discomfort is due to osteoarthritic degenerative changes, and treatment options are multiple. Oral nsaia, topical creams like voltarin gel, or even dmso, which has been used for years can be helpful. Consider acupuncture and pt.
It depends. Degenerative arthritis of the proximal tibiofibular joint may accompany osteoarthritis of the knee or occur in isolation. In patients scheduled to undergo total knee replacement arthroplasty, an unrecognized proximal tibiofibular joint disorder may be a source of progressive lateral knee pain and may influence clinical outcome. As with other joints, osteophytes subchondral cyst.