Is it ok for my pregnant wife to take sudafed for a cold?

Category c medicatio. Sudafed is a pregnancy category c medication which means that this medication may not be safe in pregnancy, although the full risks are not known. For nasal congestion in pregnancy, I recommend rhinocort aq and singulair, (montelukast) which are both pregnancy category b medications available by prescription. For over the counter medications, ask the pharmacist for the pregnancy category a or b. Try sinus wash.
Yes, mostly. Category c drug = may use if benefits > risk. Ask your pregnancy doctor for a list of all things she might use during pregnancy safely. Always avoid drugs in 1st 12 weeks (when most baby development occurs). Best practice is lowest needed dose + shortest possible time. Colds are miserable but short. Kleenex always is safe. See: safefetus. Com.
Not advised. Sudafed is a category c medication, indicating possible problems. It is commonly prescribed but antihistamines like Claritin (loratadine) or zyrtec would be safer. In any event, she should avoid any extraneous meds during the first trimester.