My my red blood cells level is 19.7, hematocrit low, hemoglobin low, MCV low, mchc low what do this mean for my heath?

Anemia needs exam. Hi Patricia. I need to know your real numbers.I suspect RBC is 1.97 Vs abt 5.0 for healthy. Then if Hgb, MCV,MCHC all low, you have anemia and needs treatment which Depends on cause. It can be either low production from your organ or increased turnover or blood loss. See you doc to do more tests and ask to have blood smear evaluated by hematologists pathologist.May need other specialists too.
Anemia. An otherwise healthy 30 year-old female can get pretty iron deficient just from normal menstrual blood loss. Your anemia is "microcytic and hypochromic", which is what the low MCV and MCHC is saying. The most common cause for that is iron deficiency and can be easily corrected.