I have small fiber neuropathy and I'm taking 900 mg of gabapentin for my foot pain. Not helping at all. What's the chance the max dose will help?

You. Need to work up to the max dose over time as you probably know. Lyrica (pregabalin) is another option. See a pain specialist if you can't get relief, they may suggest a spinal stimulator trail.
Better. 900mg. Of neurotin (gabapentin) is a good starting point. Doubling the dose can likely improve your symptoms. Millions of people are taking this very safe mediation. Keep in mind, if your symptoms have been chronic in nature, even 20-30% improvement is significant for someone just starting this med. Increase the dose and see what happens.
I would try . Taking the prescription metanx. It is a vitamin that works very well with small nerve fiber neuropathy.
Gabapentin. It is hard to say if the higher dose will help or not. In general most patients who do get benefit with Gabapentin are usually taking a higher dose. Gabapentin should not be labeled as a failure in the absence of a trial with the higher dose of medication.