Would like resources in understanding how being abused for a year by a teacher shaped my adult personality. Looking for personal insight/per. Growth.?

Break the cycle. Abusers are often survivors of abuse themselves. You cannot change what happened in the past, but you can change how you interpret what happened, and you can change your present interactions with others. You need to break the cycle of abuse, which can manifest in many ways, including your personality. Joining a support group, seeing a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist may help.
Psychotherapy. Insight-oriented psychotherapy is the treatment of choice. This could be provided by any number of mental health professionals, including social workers, psychologist, psychiatrists, or psychoanalysts.
Individualized need. Due to your specific biology, psychology and sociology, including experience, the defense mechanisms/coping styles for you may best be evaluated with individual psychodynamic therapy for the most meaningful answers to your questions about your psyche and personality, rather than a generalization from a boo as a resource.
Resource. You might try two books: getting the love i need by hendrix and codependency no more by beattie. Good luck and best wishes to you.
Abuse by teacher. What do you mean by abuse? Were you physically beaten, emotionally embarrased in front of class, were you asked to perform sexual acts in order to pass the class, how old were you when this happened? Were your parents informed? Did you experienced similar acts by people you loved and trusted? When abuse is committed by those you love it will forever hurt how you relate to others! hope this helps.