How do you find a good chiropractor? I have a torn disc in l4/l5 and cervical spondylosis. What questions should I be asking a chiro?

Try an osteopath. Academyofosteopathy.Org & cranialacademy.Com have doctor finder functions on the website.
Goodby. The best strategy is to seek out an orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine specialist. Chiropractors offer short term massage relief only and have no cures with their therapy. Absolutely do not let a chiropractor touch your neck and be advised that the x-rays that they always take (to make money) use unmonitored, high intensity machines with some risk to you.

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Does cracking your neck/back do any harm? I have cervical spondylosis and a torn l4/l5 disc. I get relief from stiffness w/ cracking.

If it feels good. The noise made when you crack your neck is thought to be from cavitation-- it happens when the volume of the joint space suddenly expands, like when you open a soda can. Its good that you can relieve some of your stiffness. If you incorporated core strengthening, gentle yoga type stretching with controlled breathing exercises and normal motion patterns, you will have your best chance of healing. Read more...
Probably not. Used in moderation, self manipulation is probably safe. Avoid using large force to move the spine, and stop if you experience pain, numbness, tingling, weakness. Read more...