What does it mean if my blood work results say I have a high thyroid count im worried about my unborn child im 19 weeks?

Talk to your doc. It depends what you mean by "high thyroid". If you mean a high tsh, that generally does need treatment during pregnancy. If you mean it looks like you have an over active thyroid, you might not. There is a change in thyroid hormone levels that normally occurs during pregnancy and it doesn't need treatment.
Abnormal thyroid. Abnormal thyroid levels can affect you and your baby and generally need to be corrected. Fortunately this is rare a difficult thing to manage. Often an initial test, a TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone level is checked, which if high indicated low thyroid and vice versa. You should discuss this with your obgyn who may be comfortable managing your thyroid or may refer you to a specialist.
Thyroid. Visit your on/gyn. This needs face to face consult. Many time, most of the time your pregnancy can have a good outcome.
Pregnant. You may have "hyperthyroidism ". This condition is usually caused by an autoimmune disorder in which stimulatory antibodies cause your gland to hyper function. Relax - it can be treated with medication in you and your baby should be monitored after birth. See a pediatric endocrinologist once baby is born.
Talk to your OB//GYN. I recommend you speaking to your ob/gyn about the treatment options you have. Wishing you the best.