Does soy formula for babies cause babies to get thrush?

No. Thrush is an infection caused by a fungus (sometimes called yeast) this type of infection is common in babies because their immune system is still developing. Fungal infections are common in warm moist areas like the mouth, diaper area (especially the creases) and folds of skin such as under the neck. It is not related to type of formula. Antibiotic use can increase yeast infections.
No. Thrush is caused by yeast so should not be caused by one type of formula over another. It can be common and is easily treated so see your doctor right away as it can interfere with feeding especially if the baby's mouth is sore.
Thrush. No. Thrush is caused by a fungal infection and is not related to the type of formula a baby drinks.
No. Thrush is a fungal infection, not caused by formula. What I am guessing you are seeing is tongue residue (whiteness) which is normal. So long as there are no "white patches" on gums or inside cheeks, then ur baby is ok.
No. Thrush, is a very common yeast infection of the mouth, seen mostly in the first year of life, and very infrequently after that. Oral antibiotics not only kill the bacteria they are prescribed for, but also normal bacteria on the skin and in the mouth. This disturbs the normal balance of bacteria and yeast, and the yeast seize their opportunity, move in and the result is thrush.
No,your formula is n. No, thrush is caused by an organism (mold family).Cleanning and scrubbing bottles and nipples under running water and soap, could help prevent this problem.If your baby has what you suspect could be thrush, a visit to your pediatrician is indicated.