Tips on the best brand of birth control / treatment plans / medications for pcos and heavy prolonged bleeding?

Mirena/LoLoEstrin. There are many questions here. Get an us to make sure there is no other uterine pathology causing the bleeding. If the bleeding is hormonal, the Mirena (levonorgestrel) iud works well. This is fda approved for the management of the bleeding and does not contain estrogen which may aggrevate the peripheral Insulin resistance.Newer low dose oral contraceptive regimens that have a shorter pill free interval work well.
OCP's. Because women with pcos do not ovulate regularly, they do not have regular cycles and can bleed heavily. Ocp's can restore predictability to the cycle by suppressing the ovaries and regulating the cycle.
Higher strength. There really is not much difference between different ocps, though some individual patients will feel better on certain meds. As to pcos, the higher strength ocps that have 35 or 50 mcg of estrogen will often work better.