Is there a so call homepathic internal medicine doctor?

Homeopathic doctor. There are physicians who are specialized and board-certified in internal medicine and who have trained in classical homeopathy. You can find some of these through american institute of homeopathy (www. Homeopathyusa. Org). Also there is homeopathic medical licensure in arizona, nevada, and connecticut. A good homeopath takes the case thoroughly regardless of problem area, though.
Probably. Homeopathy is the practice of using substances at very low dosages. The field was started by samuel hahnemann md, who was a german physician in the 1800s. It is controversial since the formulas are so dilute they have no molecules of "active" ingredients. Usually this question means does the physician use alternative/integrative approaches. Many md/do trained physicians will use different tools.
Tale of two cities. Hi gedewa, internal medicine is a specialty listed under osteopathic or allopathic medicine. These are the culture and rules by which we have set up our education, training, and our hospitals and clinics. Most just call it western medicine. Homeopathic medicine has a different culture and rules. But the goal is the same. It is recognized in only a few states. But, one can study both (and some do).