How do you reduce swollen allergy eyes?

Medicated OTC drops. Drops containing ketotifen ophthalmic, zaditor, alaway, etc, are often more effective than artificial tears or murine, if symptoms are severe. Also consider otc antihistamines, but avoid the ones with decongestants, as these can dry out your eyes. See an ophthalmolgist or eyemd if you are not improving in a few days, as there are stronger prescription eyedrops available if the otc does not work.
Cool compreses. Cool compresses and otc allergy eye drops such as opcon a.
COMBINED. Over the counter allergy eye-drops (allergan, murine, etc) and cool (not cold) compresses should take down the swelling.

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I think I may have a food allergy (eyes and face swollen, nose and eyes runny) - I drink 3 - 4 Allergex a day but minor relief. What could this be? Food allergy?

Possibly correct. The symptoms could definitely fit with an allergy. Inhalant allergens or food allergens could be behind your condition. High doses of antihistamines could be harmful in the absence of a clear diagnosis. I would suggest you consult your doctor for a clinical evaluation and possible allergy test.
Food Allergy Symptom. Typical symptoms of food allergy include: itchy, hives, lip/tongue/throat swelling, wheezing, shortness of breath, and in severe cases can be life threatening. If one is food allergic and avoids the food allergen then these symptoms will resolve.

What should I do about my 5 yr. Olds itchy, red and swollen allergy eyes? Over the counter eye drops don't help. He takes benedrly and zyrtec (cetirizine)

Eye drops. Try zaditor (ketotifen) eye drops over the counter, and use them regularly, keep him indoors during high pollen days. Consult an allergist, they can give you other treatments too.
See an eye doctor. There are prescription medications that will likely help. Either an antihistamine, or antihistamine combination drop, steroid eye drops are sometimes used acutely for relief. See your ophthalmologist, ask not only for a treatmen, but a plan - what you can do on your own when your child has an exacerbation.

I think I may have a food allergy (eyes and face swollen, nose and eyes runny) -usually a day after I've eaten wholewheat, steamedwheat or pasta - I I drink 3 - 4 Allergex a day but minor relief. I do not get digestive problems but def immune reaction?

Unusual. Your history is interesting in that the symptoms don't appear until a day after the exposure when most food allergy symptoms occur within 2 hours after the exposure. Regardless of the mechanism, if you have problem from eating certain foods, avoidance is the best solution.