How should I feed my 6 month old? Nurse and give solid foods together or nurse and awhile later give her solid foods? What's a good eating pattern?

Oral/social develpmt. Solid feedings at this age are not essential for nutrition yet--in my opinion, it is really to take advantage of your baby's changing oral skills & allow them to learn to take something off a spoon, and to let them get practice at that skill. Once a day is enough for that, but many parents gradually acclimate them to mealtimes over the following weeks to build their 'socialization' around that..
Feeding solids. Both, if your child is very anxious at feeding time, calm the baby down with a few minutes of breast, then proceed to solids. The child is allowed to return to the breast if desired after the solids. Obviously as you start feeding more solids the number of breast feeds will decrease but will not stop, that will depend on you and your child. We would love it if you could brea up to the first b'day!
1. I am assuming that your infant is at a good weight for his/her height. If solids are offered first the baby will tend to take less breast milk afterward. This is ok since you want the total calories to be appropriate. If the breast is offered first the baby will tend to fill up and not want the solids.
Transition. I believe that 6mos of age is the transition from a fully milk fed baby to beginning foods. Thus i feed the solids first and then nurse. There is no specific research on either approach however.
All are different. Its up to your child. Most like to breast feed or bottle when first getting up, then eat later, and always try to top them off with nursing or a bottle after eating solids.
Depends on Your Goal. If you plan on breastfeeding long term beyond 6-8 months, it may be advantageous to breastfeed first followed by the solids. In my personal and professional experience, once solids are started breast milk production may sharply decline. By starting with breastfeeding which is still her primary "food" you may ensure adequate milk supply for continued months.