Could fibromyalgia be cured by antidepressant pills such as lyrica75&effexor75.Iam taking 1pill of each &i am feelin better so far. What else should do?

No cure, exercise. Fibromyalgia cannot be "cured", as stress or illness will cause it to recur. Recurrence can be prevented by managing and preventing stress and exercising. Check with your doctor to make sure exercise is safe. Daily stretching with alternating days of resistance and aerobic exercise will prevent recurrence. Go to http://go4life.Niapublications.Org/about for government recommendations.
Pain Honeymoon. ? fibromyalgia (FM) cured by antidepressant & lyrics. No, but these medications lift spirit & give pain honeymoon wherein to reconstitute muscle mass & tone via exercise (aquatherapy, gentle yoga, walking) & diet (whole foods, nutriceuticals, protein), weight reduction, and moderate sunlight (Vitamin D). Mindfulness therapies & study of survivors' reports (Amazon) pave the way to wellness. .
Antidepressants help. Antidepressants do help in fibromyalgia - now also consider daily 15-30 minutes of exercise.