Could I get pregnant if I am 40 years old& even if I have fibromyalgia. I am takin lyrica (pregabalin) 75&effexor75.Could my condition be worse. I have 2kids, 7years?

Fibromyalgia n kids. Hello. Yes you can get pregnant with another child.However, you may have some increase in the pain discomfort level. Many doctors do not like giving meds during pregnancy since the baby could be negatively affected. Could be risky for the baby and you. Talk with a specialist on this topic. Good luck and you can always try, especially since the doc could lower your med dosages.
Preg./ yes-worse/no. Preg./ yes - worse re fibro/ no - but there is the consideration of higher risk pregnancy due to age and meds use needs to be managed - burden of newborn care may add depression symptoms to your life.