Hypothyroidism and high cholesterol on medicine for both. I can't get cholesterol down or lose weight. I diet and exercise. Any ideas?

Thyroid and chol. You make the great observation about the connection between the two disease states. For the vast majority TSH treated to the narrow range of normal (i use 0.5-2.0) gives normal hormone function with appropriate change in cholesterol. If the LDL remains high, you may be one of the many people who also has hyperlipidemia -- possibly due to pathology in the LDL receptor. An endocrinologist may help.
Several things. First, make sure you're on brand name T4 replacement and your levels are normal. Second, you need to eat much less, three meals/day without snacks and exercise more. It's 3500 calories to gain or lose a pound. Eat a healthy diet and avoid saturated fat to lower cholesterol. If still elevated, get on a statin rx from your doctor. Don't get caught up in internet scams. You can do it!
Vegetarian Diet. Follow a vegetarian diet. You'll lose weight and lower cholesterol at the same time. Check out www.Caloriecount.Com for more advice. It's free. Start an account.
More thyroid! Many if not most doctors under-treat hypothyroidism because they were incorrectly taught a normal TSH means adequate treatment. Most people need T3 (liothyronine) as well as t4. Adequate thyroid should lower cholesterol as well as help you lose weight. But it may not be necessary to lower your cholesterol- research suggests women with high chol. Live longer than those with low choleaterol! see comment for more:.