Is it better to feed my baby more at night or in the morning?

Feed on demand. Early on it is best to feed on demand...Meaning feed the baby as often as the baby wants. Start very early however in establishing a bedtime routine. Bath, breast, bed. Bathe the baby, breastfeed and then immediately put the baby to bed. Lights out, people out of room, etc. It may take a while for your baby to get the message but if you stick with it the baby learns to fall asleep on its own.
Neither. A baby should have regular feedings spread throughout their awake periods with an emphasis on most feeds during the day. There is no evidence to conclude the sleep or grow better when fed more at night. Quite the contrary. Those feed too close to bedtime often incorporate feeding into the settling process & will never go back to sleep unless fed at night. If you want to get up a lot, feed at bedtime.