What kind of emotional/motivational advice would you give to a diabetic?

Meet uncle Gene. My uncle gene is 78 years old. He has been Insulin dependent for longer than the 50 + years that I have known him. He has been on tight control of his sugar with 4 or more Insulin shots daily the whole time. He only recently has started to experience the complications that most have much younger. He still plays golf almost every day. It is possible! But only you can do it for yourself.
Show the reality. Go to an intensive care unit and see a patient paralyzed from a stroke with inability to move or talk or eat on his her own with an amputated leg or with a gangrene like in this picture or in dialysis because the kidneys are not functioning or with a heart attack. Perhaps blind from the retinopathy, with severe pains x neuropathy. It is a horrible way of living, it is a slow way of dying suffering.