I am 8 weeks pregnant and I am a big lover of red wine. My question is: will a glass of wine every now and then affect my baby's development?

Maybe. We don't know how much alcohol it takes to affect your unborn baby. Because of this the recommendation is no alcohol while you are pregnant. But cheer up; an occasional glass of red wine can be beneficial if you are breastfeeding!
Dont drink. Alcohol has been linked to birth defects. To eliminate all risk from alcohol don't drink during pregnancy.
Do not drink. I am not a fan of alcohol. It can affect fetus during first trimester. So avoid it as much as you can.
Probably. The effect of high dose exposure is well known and worrisome.Data on the low level exposure of infants to alcohol is difficult to come by because of problems with study design and population variables. We know th brain of a baby is changing rapidly in the first years.We also know alcohol breaks down to formaldehyde at the cellular level, which harms cells. I can never recommend avoidable exposure.