My nails are too dry and exfoliating so that they are always cracked and in bad shape. What should I do about them. (i take multivitamine pills)?

Nails. Aging can cause slowed nail growth and dull, brittle, or yellowish nails as the flow of moisture and natural oils to the nail bed declines. Dry heat, detergents, nail polish remover, or harsh chemicals encourage cracked and dry brittle nails. Nutrition for the nails include a diet rich in biotin, vitamin c, folate (folic acid) and omega-3's along with calcium. Your thyroid needs to be checked also.
Dry nails. In addition to what has been said, there is a topical over the counter medication to help your nails called elon nail conditioner. The product has good reviews online. The companies 800 number is 800-414-3566.