What specialist can test my child for dyslexia? The school said they aren't qualified to test for dyslexia and I'm looking for an outside diagnosis

Developmentalist. A doctor specializing in child development is able to test for dyslexia and advice for therapy. Keep away from chiropracters and optometrists who claim they can do this. This is, in fact a sham!
Neuropsychologist. A neuropsychologist is a psychologist who has taken additional training in disorders of the brain. They can do the type of testing you need done. Ask your pediatrician or the school spychologist for a recommendation.
Public schools have. Psychologists & speech/language pathologists who evaluate students for reading disorder. If your child can't "sound out" words or tell you how many sounds there are in a word & isn't reading at grade level, ask for Response To Intervention services. If 3-tiered RTI doesn't help, an evaluation for an IEP is done. Search for private services on http://www. Interdys. Org/FindAProvider. Htm.