I have just had results back from MRI scan and they say I have a bucket handle tear in my right knee how long before I can play football again?

Some time post scope. This is a mechanical problem in the knee, & requires surgery.If a repair is done months. If excised, I have seen kids return in1-2 weeks, quarter backs earlier.
See answer. A bucket handle tear is a serious meniscal injury and will likely require surgery. I’d discuss with your orthopedic surgeon before engaging in significant sport activities.
Surgery first. A bucket handle tear is a rather large tear of the meniscal cartilage which is displaced or flopped over like a real bucket handle, and can move back and forth from normal position to an abnormal position. In the abnormal position, this causes pain and locking of the joint. There is no real good alternative, and surgery is recommended. Your surgeon will tell you when it is safe to resume sports.