What r ways to try & percent cancers? I don't smoke or drink & I go to my yearly exams what else can I do to prevent cancer

Preventing cancer. If you're really interested in state-of-the-art cancer prevention, it's not a short answer. Go to my website: www.Leonardiinstitute.Com and click on "events" on the top menu bar, scroll down to "cancer prevention, 7 steps to take now. You have to register but it is free w no obligation. It takes and hour and you won't find most of this information elsewhere. I hope you enjoy it and use it.
NO ONE WAY. There are many organs in the body. There is no one way to prevent cancer of all the organs. Some organs have some specific ways like no smoking prevents lung cancer, high fiber/low fat diet prevents colon cancer & breast cancer. But natural & man-made radiation, environmental pollution, food additives, genetic factor cannot be avoided. Therefore cancer of some organ is inevitable.