Any oppositions to taking coq10 & 5-htp supplaments together? I have good BP & take cholesterol meds. Really need to improve mood & overall health.

CoQ10. Coq-10 is a good supplement when you are on statin drugs as these medications deplete your own production of coq-10. Coq-10 is "fuel" for your cells. All of your cells are dependent on this. A better alternative is to get ubiquinol, the active form of coq-10. It is better absorbed and more bioactive. Occasionally, it may cause thinning of the blood. Be careful if you are on blood thinners.
Monitor. Coq10 is well tolerated, critical for energy, preventing statin side effects and for brain/heart health. 5htp is used for sleep, mood enhancer, well tolerated and may, rarely cause high levels of serotonin. Other things to improve mood are vitamin bs and d, high doses of fish oil dha as well as eating better, sleeping well, and exercise. Improve your lifestyle.