The dr. Said I had polycolonial gammapathy. I'm 26 with pots and possible autoimmune w/ ANA 1:160 & ESR 29. She said she's sending me to an oncologist which has me really scared! Why? Lymphoma? Multiple myleloma? Leukemia?

Polyclonal . Polyclonal gammopathy are usually related to chronic inflammation, chronic diseases, autoimmune disorders etc - and usually not due to blood malignancy.
Polyclonal gammopath. Polyclonal gammopathy is not the same as monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (mgus) or associated disorders such as myeloma, lymphoma, or leukemia. Poly=many clones is normal. Having an increase in immunoglobulins (ig's, antibodies) can be associated with autoimmune disorders, hiv, hepatitis, etc. There may be some other reason to see a hematologist, but not b/c of polyclonal ig's.
No . Monoclonal gammaopathy (not polyclonal gammopathy) is, in some cases, indicative of multiple myeloma (a type of plasma cell malignancy), but polyclonal gammopathy is indicative of what you already know you have: autoimmune disease. An onoclogist is not the right referral unless something else is going on - you should be seeing a rheumatologist.
Polyclonal would . Correlate with autoimmune disease and chronic inflammation. Doc just being complete. Very unlikely you have a blood cancer.