Had a MRI and found arachnoid cyst-left front of brain and chiari 1 mailformation. Should I be worried for my life?

Not life threatening. Most arachnoid cysts and chiari 1 malformations are incidental findings on mris when patients are being worked up for headaches or other symptoms. A chiari 1 is when the cerebellar tonsils at the base of the brain lie low and slip through the hole at the base of the skull. Symptoms can include headache, numbness or ataxia (unsteadiness). Most chiari 1s do not need to be treated.
Puzzled. I don't know why this suddenly ended for the third time. Once again, if surgery is recommended, surgeon must be very clear to you and close family regarding the potential benefits, potential risks of the procedure, and potential risks of not doing the procedure. In very important decisions like this, would get 2nd opinion from md who specializes in this. Then, you must ultimately make a decision.