If I ran out of my seizure medication and had to just stop taking it due to running out when I get it do I take it like I was before?

See below. Don't wait, either call your doctor to renew the medication or go the the emergency room of your local hospital. Either way, it is much better to continue taking medication on a regular basis and not having seizures than possibly being admiited to the hospital because you had a seizure on the street. Or sidewalk and injured yourself. If you go to the ed bring your medication bottle.
Here are some... The effectiveness of anti-seizure drugs is greatly related with their blood level. If just off for 1-2 days without recurrence, you may resume such use as used to be; if off longer than 3 days, you may resume such drugs like how you began them with a close watch. Of course, it is paramount importance to take such drug refills as personal responsibility with no excuse except unexpected incidents.