How can you help with my social anxiety?

Behavioral Options. See this page Anxiety Disorders Assn of BC which contains educational/self-help tools (incl. a video) for managing, even overcoming social anxiety: Effective treatment for social anxiety will involve putting yourself in feared social situations, going from ones you fear only a little to others you fear a lot. A CBT expert coach can be big help!
Best treatment. The best treatment for social anxiety is a combination of therapy and medication. Have a psychiatric evaluation and the psychiatrist can recommend a therapist in your area to help you and recommend medications that are right for you.
Therapy, meds. Social anxiety has been around forever, but used to be called shyness or self-consciousness. Self-help books, assertiveness training, practicing public speaking (eg toastmasters group), counseling, and psychotherapy can all help. Now that it's considered a diagnosis, there are medications too: mainly ssri antidepressants taken daily. Tranquilizers work well occasionally, watch for addiction.
Social anxiety. See your pcp to discuss the problem. He/she may prescribe medication that may ease some of the symptoms &/or refer you to a therapist for counselling.