I went to the dr about my rite side abdomen that goes around to my back. They said I have uti. Can it be something else?

Many possible causes. Abdominal pain in that location can have many causes including appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, kidney stones, gallstones, and many others. Urinary tract infections commonly cause pain with urination and/or urinary frequency. If you have these, and your doctor did a urinalysis that was consistent with uti, then this may still be the most likely cause.
Yes. Right sided abdominal pain radiating to the back could be a kidney infection, kidney stone, gall bladder disease, ulcer, liver disease or even a pinched nerve in your back. Uti would be diagnosed by checking urine for signs of infection. There are other tests to distinguish the other possibilities listed. If you are not improving promptly with treatment, tell your doctor.