Is tramadol a narcotic?

As others said, . Tramadol is a synthetic narcotic. As a neurologist I try avoiding it when possible due to its risk vs. benefits when it comes to ACTUAL pain relief scores for conditions such as radiculopathy, neuropathy, & headaches vs. # of significant side effects such as seizures and conversion of pain into chronic form due to quick tolerance of the body and risk of medication overuse syndrome.
No. It has characteristics of an opiod but the exact mechanism of action is not understood. Not truly a narcotic.
A synthetic narcotic. Ohio and other states are making it a class 4 controlled substance due to abuse.
Not exactly. Tramadol is not a traditional opioid or narcotic, rather it has narcoti-like properties and works on multiple receptors.
No. Not classified as narcotic, but it does have some narcotic-like properties.