Can poroton therapy be used on prostate cancer of 9 on gleason and psa of 21?

Maybe. More information required. I assume with those numbers that some further testing ha been done to rule out metastatic disease. With gleason 9 cancer and a psa of 20+, there is high likelihood of extraprostatic disease, based on the partin tables. I would make sure that a ct of the abdomen and pelvis as well as a bone scan have been done before making any recommendations.
Nope. I don't think it will work. I think you need to see another urologist. At least consider hormones as well.
Radiation for CAP. Prostate cancer (cap) responds to radiation therapy, though radiation is less effective against higher grade tumors. Additionally, you harbor a significant risk for nodal spread of your cancer, even if it was detected by elevated psa alone. Not knowing your age, health status, symptomatic state or clinical stage, it's hard to definitely recommend surgery, though your best chance is prostatectomy.

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I am having bone pain here and there, did prostate cancer radiation treatment 2 yrs ago. Psa ok, 0.5 now. Initial psa 7.20, gleson 7 during treatment.

Get checked. Too many possibilities. Included are osteoporosis, low vitamin d, hyperparathyroid. Many metabolic causes. Also to be considered is involvement of bone by prostate ca. A simple evaluation goes a long way to answer these questions and allay any fears of cancer recurrence.
Prostate bone pain. Metastatic prostate cancer does tend to go to the bone and cause pain. However, with such a low psa, I strongly doubt it is from metastatic prostate cancer. You should see your doctor to see if there are alternatives reasons for your pain.

Recently diagnose with prostate cancer Tic, gleason 7 (3+4), PSA 4.97 Had some labs done. Absolute lymphocyte 4.3 (High), immature granulocyte. 5 (High). Other labs normal. What does this mean?

Review with your doc. Your urologist will review this in detail and consider your surgical options with you. Please get on his treatment plan and this will help avoid future worsening of this disease and as well give you peace of mind. There are many labs followed and checked prior to surgery and other treatments. They get compared to your previous baseline levels. Your doctor will explain this regarding your case.

I had prostate cancer radiation treatment, last psa test was. 58. If cancer do reoccur what kind symptoms will I get physically, feel, notice etc.?

Varies. If you are following psa, and your cancer recurs, vey often the patient is asymptomatic - the only symptom may be anxiety about the test result. Otherwise symptoms have to do with sight of recurrence- most common is bone pain or fracture.
Psa. Unlikely you will feel symptoms of recurrence unless very rapidly growing ca. The psa is the first sign of possible recurrence, very important to get psa checks on regular basis.

Prostate cancer- what are the best diagmostic tool- biopsi/mri/serology -psa values? What is the best treatment option? Male 64- obese- high bp

Prostate ca. If there's a suspicion of prostate cancer, the first step is to do digital rectal exam and psa. If both or any of those are elevated/suspicious for a malignant tumor, the next step is biopsy. Mri doesn't play a major rôle in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. It may be used later when the diagnosis of cancer is established to check for possible spread. Treatment depends on stage/aggressiveness.
Biopsy. A biopsy should be done but if the psa is very high, > 100 unlikely anything else. A biopsy will give tissue diagnosis, grade of the tumor, and help the physician decide on therapy. Hope this helps.

I heard that there is a recommendation against routine psa screening for prostate cancer - but didn't a recent study in nejm show it saves lives?

Yes. The controversy will go on. In primary care while some males don't allow us to do a digital rectal exam (dre) every year, psa is a test that helps to lead a pt towards the acceptance of dre or an urologist evaluation although we know that there is a small percentage of prostate cancers that exist with normal psas <4%>we know that 80% of males have prostate cancer at the age of 80 years old.
Screening. Correct, an update on trial in europe looking at screening shows a benefit with screening, published in new england journal of medicine, march 2012. Moreover, with the introduction of psa testing some 20 years ago, there has been a reduction in prostate cancer mortality in usa as noted in the data collected by the national cancer institute, known as seer data.
Psa. Yes us preventative med task force gives psa a grade of d, I still advise my pts to get psa testing yearly. Especially if they have a family hx.

Psa test reveals 1.7, is this a good indicator that you have no prostate cancer?

34. You are 34.Prostate CA is unheard of at 34.I am surprised a doctor ordered PSA on you, unless of course you went to one of those walk in cash labs. Be well.