What organ system (s) are impacted by raynaud's disease?

None to many! It depends on whether it is raynaud's phenomena, or raynaud's associated with a ctd. With scleroderma, it is the most common first symptom! obviously, raynaud's of the kidneys and heart are serious. See a rheumatologist who will perform nail fold capilaroscopy!
Raynaud's. most common are the digits of the hands and feet. If there is an underlying medical condition causing the Raynaud's other organs of the body may be affected.
Hands, feet & ?more. That is really an interesting question. Obviously the distal extremities (fingers and toes) are involved. But there is evidence that raynauds may effect vessels supplying. Other areas of the body as well. By definition raynauds basically impacts the hands and feet..