Following wisdom teeth removal 6 weeks later gum not heeled and snot comin from wisdom extraction site also foul odor when leaning forward?

Sinus Communication. Your description sounds descriptive for an ororantral fistula, or a communication between your maxillary sinus and the wisdom tooth extraction site. At 6 weeks postop, you need to be evaluated by your surgeon to determine what course of action will be necessary to repair the communication.
See your surgeon. From your question its assumed you are referring to your upper wisdom teeth. It may be possible there is a communication between your sinus and oral cavity. This is a given risk in extracting maxillary posterior teeth, although it varies greatly. Treatment will vary depending on the size of communication and the how long it has persisted. See your surgeon to find out if this is the problem.
Wisdom extraction. You may have a sinus perforation. See an oral surgeon asap, you may have an infection, have them take xrays, the infection can get worse and spread.
Oroantral fistula. Please see your oral surgeon for repair. This communication between your mouth and sinus may not heal on its own.