I feel that there is something in my throat and I've tried everything including allergy medicine nd I don't know what else to do cquse I can still breath?

Two directions to go. If you have not had an examination by an ear, nose, & throat (ENT) specialist, do so. There could be something there and they can look directly to check. Fear of not being able to swallow or breathe also is a common symptom with people who are anxious. It you are anxious in general, then working with a mental health professional might provide relief through medication or behavioral treatment.
Globus Sensation. This can be quite common. I have alot of patients that have this complaint. 1st it must be checked to make sure it isnt anything bad (ent visit). But usually it is a result of silent reflux can come up into the larynx and cause slight swelling. This slight swelling can give patients the feeling that something is in there throat but they can still swallow fine and breath fine.