Is spironolactone safe or pcos?

Spironolactone. Spironolactone blocks testosterone action. It treats the pcos symptom of excess hair growth, not the underlying Insulin resistance. Effective treatment requires twice daily dosing with 50 or 75 mg. Six months before you see benefits.
It Depends. Spironolactone is a very good medication to treat the unwanted hair to the face, belly, back, etc. Seen in many women with pcos. However, it needs to be used with an oral contraceptive agent. It's also a mild blood pressure lowering drug which can increase your potassium levels. Your doctor needs to make sure that your are a good candidate for these medications.
Yes. In fact spironolactone is one of the best treatments for pcos. Teh other is metformin. Both drugs help menstrual cycles return to normal, decrease hair growth and address Insulin resistance. They can also help increase the chances of getting pregnant. Like any drug, however, there can be other effects. You and your doctor should discuss pros and cons to make best decision for you.