What are the risk of fluoride in my baby's water for her formula? Do u reccomend a good brand of water for my baby to mix with her formula?

No risk. Fluoride in the baby's water is a great idea but your pediatrician should know the amount of Fluoride in the water in your community and whether or not the baby is using tap water or other source of bottled water which may not have Fluoride so they can advise whether a Fluoride supplement is indicated, .
Any brand is fine. Any of the store bought brands of nursery water should be suitable for your baby. Don't pay more than $1 per gallon jug, or you're getting ripped off. It should be noted that, unless your area puts too much Fluoride in the water (it does happen in parts of the U.S. And elsewhere), you can simply boil tap water for 5 minutes and let it cool to room temperature before mixing it, saving you money.
Fluoride is good. Although Fluoride has recently become a controversial topic, it is still recommended that breast-fed infants and infants drinking formula mixed with well water receive a supplemental Fluoride to build healthy teeth and bones. Most tap water is safe to mix with infant formula and bottled water for infants can be found at most supermarkets if needed.
Fluoride correct amt. Some areas of the country ahve no Fluoride in their drinking water supply. U shoudl call the the water district offcie and find out what amount of Fluoride is presnet in ur tap water. If it si oaky, u should not watse money on buying bottled water. It is a waste of $$ if ur tap h2o is fien. Check with ur pediatrician, too.
Fluorosis . Too much Fluoride swallowed as a baby can cause damage to the developing permanent teeth (fluorosis). Permanent teeth start forming at birth. Most bottled water, such as poland spring, contain no measurable fluoride. As your child gets older a small amount of Fluoride will actually help protect their teeth. This is a complicated issue . A pediatric dentist can help guide you as your child grows.