Update, im 19 no other health issues, don't smoke or drink that much. Pretty healthy other than right side of my breast hurtin, also no injury to it.?

Cycle-related probly. A woman's breasts will sometimes become tender as a result of fluctuating hormones produced by the ovaries. It seems that in some women caffeine intake can make it worse too. Taking any "energy" products? Those are often loaded with caffeine. Birth control pills may help if you're not trying to become pregnant.
Breast tenderness. In young females breast tenderness may be caused by infections, cysts, high estrogen levels from contraceptives, pregnancy or associated to hormonal changes if cyclic or repetitive. It is better if someone examines your breast. Breast cancer is low probability. If pt has breast implants or nipple piercing may be a complication. Also breast feeding or nipple biting by baby or partner cause issues.