I had a blood test (cbc w/diff, cmp, lipid, thyroid). All were normal (other than slightly low RDW & cholesterol). Feel exhausted often. What next?

Further evaluation. There are many common causes of fatigue that have not yet been ruled out. You likely did not get adequate thyroid tests. You might have chronic infections such as lyme disease or viral infections, intestinal parasites, heavy metal toxicity, mold toxicity, corticoadrenal insufficiency, depression, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, sleep apnea, food sensitivities etc. Please see my comment:.

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24hrs since a CBC, CMP, lipid profile blood test Is there something wrong? Or an emergency that I have to come in?

Depends. Depends on the policies of the office. I always ask my patients to come in after multiple blood tests so I can sit down with them and explain what was done and what the tests showed - even normal ones. The biggest complaint patients have is that their doctors don't explain adequately. Read more...