Best treatment for gas?

See previous answers. Gas has no good tx. Try simethicone 40-80 mg several times a day (or maalox plus, mylanta ii, )vegetable charcoal tablets, phazyme, gas x, beno. Do not dring soda, chew well your food, eat slowly, do not swallow air, avoid foods you know produce gas...Beans, eggs, cauliflower, broccoli, etc, fatty foods, dairy with fat, certain sugars, etc.
Gas. Gas can be controlled by using otc drugs such as beano or gas-x as well as probiotics. Gas is from food being digested by bacteria in your gut. The best way to prevent gas is to keep a journal of what foods you eat and when you get gas. This can help you minimize the foods that tend to cause you to have gas. If your problem persists see your doctor.